Sunday April 27

For the Christian Easter is not a one day celebration. We celebrate the Resurrection every day that we die to self and live unto God. Remembrance of Christ’s triumph over the grave occurs when we are filled with hope and offer hope to those confronted with death. Praise and gratitude for the finished work of Christ loudly rings from every Christian who looks to Jesus for righteousness rather than looking to our own good deeds.

Every Sunday Christ’s church gathers in light of this celebration to remind one another of the hope found in the gospel so that every believer may be edified, or built up; in addition, non-believers are faced with the hopelessness of life without the gospel and the hope found in the gospel. For the believer and non-believer we proclaim one message:

Christ is my reward
And all of my devotion
Now there’s nothing in this world
That could ever satisfy

Through every trial my soul will sing
No turning back, I’ve been set free

Christ is enough for me
Christ is enough for me
Everything I need is in you, Everything I need.