Shadow of Things to Come – Pt. 3

This is our third week studying the Old Testament feasts and how they pointed to Christ.

We are looking at the Old Testament Feast of Weeks, called so because it was celebrated exactly 7 full weeks after the first day of Passover. This was simply a celebration of the wheat harvest. In the New Testament it is observed as Pentecost – the word pentecost is translated from Greek as “fiftieth”, or the 50th day – as the day when the Holy Spirit came to dwell in the hearts of the disciples and ultimately every Christian. That the Holy Spirit came during the Pentecost celebration is found in Acts 2:1.

So what? Well, this is very precious to the Christian. That day of Pentecost has been called the birthday of the church. The Spirit works to draw and join people of all races, cultural and social backgrounds into the one body of Jesus Christ. It is by the Spirit’s work of drawing that we call out to the world, “Come ye sinners, poor and needy. Jesus stands ready to save, full of grace and power.