Sunday December 8

Each year, right on the heels of Thanksgiving, the Christmas celebration fast approaches, leaving one with little time to be impacted by center of the Christian’s worship: Jesus Christ.  Radiating joy is substituted with flashes of happiness; true peace is counterfeited with over-swiped credit cards; selfless love for one another is often eclipsed when the Christmas dinner plans change.

When we seek other things, the result is phony and frustrating. When we center our lives in Christ, the result is joy. In his book Jesus the King, Tim Keller illustrates the relationship of the Triune God as a dance, each person (Father, Son, Spirit) supporting the other, moving together for one another. Kellers notes that we are made and invited to join. We are made to center everything in our life on God, and to think of everything in terms of our relationship to God: “That’s where you’ll find your joy” (Keller, Jesus the King, 11).

This Sunday morning during our gathering and evening at the Christmas Concert we hope Joy will be an especially clear message.

Here are the songs we will sing this week

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