Sunday November 17

One way that we grow in the Gospel is to have its truth ever in our mind. When we gather we sing songs that marry the truth of the Gospel with rhythm and melody. Singing God’s truth in each other’s presence not only encourages one another Sunday morning, but also reminds us of the Gospel after we have returned home. Throughout the week the songs we sing – songs about who God is and how He redeemed us by His love and grace – keep the Gospel in front of our view.

This week we sing of God, the King of Kings who reigns over all. This is reality.

We sing of how God is not passive, but is a saving God, and that He saved us.

We sing of how the eternal God, “who was and is and is to come” is worthy to receive and currently receives worship from all of creation, and He invites us to join.

Here are the songs we will sing this week

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