Thoughts from the Songs 9.22


What is the measure of success for our Sunday morning gathering? Is the large number of visitors and members a measure of success? Is the amount of people raising the hands during the songs a measure of success? Is timeliness of the service order a measure of success? All of these may be results of a success reached, but not the actual measure; for a church may have the above descriptors and still completely miss the point.

Consider the entire history of the Christian church, and the many and varied cultures in which the church has thrived. Entire generations of Christians have come and gone from this earth completely alienated from how we do church today. Since our measurements of success cannot be applied to those times, it should not be applied to ours.

So, let our agendas and expectations, as different as they are, become one in Christ. When we gather, let Christ be glorified and honored in our lives, let His Word to impact our hearts, let His will to shape our thoughts, and let His heart to direct our prayer. Christ has been given “first place in everything” (Col. 1:18).