Thoughts from the Songs 8.25

Christians are given rest in this life and the life to come. This rest refers to our new relationship to the old covenant by God’s Law. Since the Law is fulfilled in Christ those who believe in Him enters into a rest He earned and enjoys.

Sounds good, but many of us experience anything but rest on a daily basis. We are consumed with tasks and responsibilities as if our life depended on them. Consider these words from puritan theologian John Owen (1616 – 1683):

“The constant contemplation of the glory of Christ will give rest, satisfaction, and complacency to the souls of those who are exercised therein. Our minds are apt to be filled with a multitude of perplexed thoughts – fears, cares, dangers, distresses, passions, and lusts make various impressions on the minds of men, filling them with disorder, darkness and confusion. But where the soul is fixed in its thoughts and contemplations on this glorious object, it will be brought into and kept in a holy, serene, spiritual frame. For ‘to be spiritually minded is life and peace’ (Rom. 8:6).“ (Owen, The Glory of Christ)

In heaven God’s will is done. In heaven Christ’s glory is seen with our eyes. In heaven we are saved from sin and death once and for all. “Let Your Kingdom come, Let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”