When We Gather – We SING (follow up)

Thoughts from this past Sunday
What a great Sunday, and a great start to our When We Gather series here at Westover! Pastor Don and Worship Pastor Dan Grassi shared the platform to explain the history of singing in the church, and the biblical command for God’s people to sing. Don explained that the Christian’s song should be “of God” and/or “to God.” He said that we are to sing in the place of others around us who do not have the strength to sing. Dan followed this thought with how music impacts the very heart. Not only does the body of Christ sing in harmony, the music brings the body into harmony. “We become harmony.”

If you want to read or study more about worship and music in the church, let me suggest a few books:

Worship Matters – Bob Kauflin
Christ-Centered Worship – Bryan Chapell
Worship by the Book – D.A. Carson

If you sing or play an instrument, and want to get involved in the worship ministry here at Westover, contact Dan (dgrassi@westoverchurch.com) or Michael (mcarter@westoverchurch.com) for more information.