I Stand Amazed!

As we grow in our faith, our praise and adoration for God become richer, for we see His beauty and character clearer. We bless Him because He has been faithful. We praise Him because He provides for us. We cry out to Him because He is just. We pray to Him because He is merciful. All of these – our praise, blessings, cries, and prayers – are rooted in our redemption. So, we worship Him according to our redemption.

Therefore, our songs should be rich with themes and reminders about God’s redeeming work. I encourage you to locate the redemptive theme in each song and let those truths affect your heart. One in particular is found in the song “Jesus, Only Jesus”. The opening lines remind us of God’s great power on display through the incarnate Son, Jesus. While sin once enslaved us, Jesus holds the keys that set us free (Rom. 6:22). While the penalty for our sin is death (Rom. 6:23), Jesus can save us from our sin through his death. No one can earn God’s favor; but, through Jesus alone, peace with God is freely offered. That’s why we proclaim of Jesus: You stand alone, I stand amazed!

Here are the songs we will sing this week:

All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises – Paul Baloche

Come Thou Fount Come Thou King – Gateway Worship

Jesus Only Jesus – Matt Redman

All You Promises Are True – Shannon Wexelburg


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